BOSC - Bank of Supercapacitors


Period: 2012 - 2013

Initial TRL: 4

CSRC contribution: Mathematical model calculations, Electrical breadboarding, EM Design, Manufacturing, Testing


  • EADS Astrium, France
  • EGGO Space, Czech Republic
  • Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
  •   The objective of this project is to provide all the EM design and EM manufacturing activities including relevant documentation related to high power devices called Bank of Supercapacitors with its Balancing System. All these design and manufacturing activities are included into the prime project called “Evaluation of Supercapacitors and Impacts at System Level”.

      The final product of this project shall be capable to demonstrate the added value of the use of supercapacitors in telecom spacecrafts. The main issues are overall platform cost & mass savings. The power device resulting from this ESA project shall be incorporated into an Engineering Model (EM) of the Supercapacitor Bank, manufactured in accordance with standards for space applications (ECSS).