Single-axis, analog instrument with 2 independent outputs measuring magnetic field flux density and its axial gradient with a gradient base of only 20-mm.

  Instrument developed in collaboration with Czech Technical University in Prague in the frame of Technology Agency of Czech Republic project TA01010298.

Measurement range (±10V) :

  • magnetic field ± 100 µT
  • magnetic field gradient ± 50 µT/m
  • Nominal sensitivity:

  • magnetometer 100 000 V/T
  • gradiometer 200 000 V/T/m
  • Noise:

  • magnetometer 10pT/vHz@1Hz
  • typ. gradiometer 1.1nT/vHz@1Hz
  • typ. Bandwidth: 100 Hz
  • Supply voltage: 10-16 V
  •   Detachable sensor head and electronics allow for measuring magnetic field undistorted by the detection electronic magnetic signature. Also a low-cost version with noise increase of 2x can be supplied. Traceable calibrations available. Patented technology by national patents, EU patent pending.