Integral, PSAC


  One of the experiments onboard the INTEGRAL satellite is the Plastic Anti Coincidence Scintillator. Purpose of the experiment is to receive the X-ray emission of weak sources in the space and to measure its energy. PSAC consists of scintillation board, photomultipliers and control unit, which is processing the signal from scintillator and prepares the measured data for transmission to Earth.

  CSRC was responsible for design, development and manufacturing of the control box unit and photomultipliers electronics. Control box includes highly efficient high voltage power supply for the photomultipliers, low voltage power supply for electronics and control logic for data processing based on Actel technology.

The supplied products were:

  • Engineering Model
  • Flight Model
  • STM model for thermal analysis and test equipment
  •   CSRC provided mechanical design and manufacturing, electronics design and manufacturing, mechanical stress and thermal analyses, firm- ware, testing procedures and elaborations of all relevant documentation according to ESA rules


      Test equipment for laboratory tests and unit integration was designed with the focus on the time constraints necessary for testing of the ISB data bus, both electronics and software was manufactured and integrated. Usage of the real time operating system and the software level solution allowed to reduce the amount of electronics to minimum.

      PSAC box was designed, manufactured and tested and it was found fully compliant with all original requirements. After the integration, the INTEGRAL satellite was successfully launched.