XMM Newton


  In the frame of the XMM Satellite, launched by the European Space Agency, CSRC was charged for the design and development of a test equipment to be used to simulate the space craft services and to support the calibration of the major experiment on board. The purpose of the test equipment is to send telecommands - as received via ground - to the experiment and to manage all information acquired by the sensors.

  The experiment consists of a large CCDs array sensitive to X-ray, and is able to give an X-ray image of the sky. The Test Equipment provides for the acquisition of the image captured and the preliminary scientific analysis of the data. The Test equipment is also monitoring all engineering parameters and functions. The man-machine interface was conceived in the most effective way, allowing the operator to overview the total experiment status with an accurate strategy.


  The entire design and development of the Test Equipment was managed by CSRC, interfacing the requirements of the system with respect to electronics and SW functionality and development. The Test Equipment was designed, developed, manufactured and tested within only 5 months from the starting day.