Space Electronics Development

hw design

  Example of electronics, programmable and complex systems development that is done at the facility:

  • Standard digital circuits and single-chip microcontrollers (C51 family, Microchip etc.)
  • digital circuits with signal processors
  • FPGA and CPLD design using VHDL, behavioral simulation of the design, testing
  • a multi-layer PCB design
  • electronic circuits for the PCI bus, including control software development
  • analogue circuits design, behavioral simulation using the PSPICE-compatible simulator
  • breadboarding and measurements
  • ground support equipment development and programming (JAVA, C++, Python, …)
  • various supporting analyses (WCA, FMECA, FTA, PSA, radiation, thermal, finite element, …)
  • system engineering concepts design
  •   The design is in all projects submitted to verification using mechanical and thermal analyses based on finite elements method. Parameters are verified to allow safe operation in the space conditions, according to temperature range in the satellite in space, vibrations during the launch phase, radiation, etc.. Testing procedures for thermal vacuum, mechanical vibrations tests, etc. are performed as standard.

      The design of the parts and/or entire mechanical systems is realized using CAD/CAM systems with electronic data formats exchange. Mechanical manufacture is outsourced in facilities, qualified and certified in the field of aeronautics and space production.

    Available technologies:

  • CNC machining
  • alodine
  • anodisation
  • electron beam welding
  • glass feed-through manufacturing
  • thin layer sputtering
  • alodine in aerospace quality
  • laser-beam cutting