Space Hardware Manufacturing

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  CSRC clean-room facility class D 100 000 meets the needs for manufacturing of high-reliable electronic and mechanical systems requiring high level of cleanness and it is periodically certified by external partner.

  The operators are trained and certified by Istituto Italiano della Saldatura every two years according to ESA standards in PCB assembly, treatments and related technologies.

Available technologies:

  • thermal pre-soldering processes
  • degolding and pretinning component lead
  • soldering of through-hole components
  • soldering of SMD components
  • fine pitch soldering
  • fine mechanical operations
  • frame, fasteners installation, riveting
  • treatment, cleaning, nitrogen drying, polymerization
  • mechanical pre-soldering processes - preforming, bending, cutting of component leads
  • The facility is maintained according ESA standards.

  • Activity Identification:
    • PCB Hand Soldering Assembly
  • Application Area:
    • Space & Military Electronics
  • PCB Models:
    • EM, QM, PFM, FM
  • Cleanroom Parameters:
    • 100.000 class (ISO8), 40m2 area
    • 3 soldering, 1 rework and 1 inspection workstation
  • Cleanroom Staff:
    • ESA certified operators and inspectors according to ECSS-Q-ST-70-08, -38, -26 and -28.
    • All include both the cat.2 (inspectors) and the cat.3 (operators).
  • Manufacturing Procedures:
    • Complied with ECSS-Q-70-08, -38, -26 and -28.
    • SMT Verification Programme completed (ESA).
  • Quality System:
    • ISO 9001:2008