Main competences of BD SENSORS realized via its CSRC Space Division are summarized as follows:

  • Space Electronics / Flight Hardware Design and MAIT
  • Electronic Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) Design and MAIT
  • Harness & Cabling Manufacturing and Testing
  • Mechanics Design and Manufacturing for Space
  • Electronic Pressure Sensors for Space
  • High-quality Industrial Electronic Production.


Special focus is put on “Electronics PCB Assembly for Space Applications” realized in the frame of the space qualified manufacturing in accordance with the ESA ECSS standards covering both:

  • Manual Soldering
  • Automated SMT Technology Soldering


The Space Electronics Manufacturing Unit includes highly qualified staff with the ESA ECSS certificates:

  • Operators (Cat.3)
  • Inspectors (Cat.2)
  • Product Assuarance Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Production and Documentation Engineers


The whole “Space PCB Assembly” process consists of complete set of ESA-qualified manufacturing procedures covering initial “PCB Kitting” up to final “PCB Delivery” to the Customer.


Application Area:

Space Electronics

Activity Identification:

Manual and Automated PCB Soldering & Assembly

PCB Models:


Cleanroom Parameters:

100.000 class, 170 m2  + 40m2 cleanroom area including soldering & inspection workstations certified by ESA

Cleanroom Staff:

ESA certified operators and inspectors according to the ESA standard called ECSS-Q-ST-70-08, -38, -26 and -28.

All include both the cat.2 (inspectors) and the cat.3 (operators).

Manufacturing Procedures

Complied with ECSS-Q-70-08, -38, -26 and -28.



New Automatic Technology for Space PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly of Flight Electronics is the traditional & core activity having been developed since 1994. The CSRC cleanroom located in Kromeriz was the very first ESA qualified facility for manual space electronics PCB assembly in the Czech Republic.


To increase the manufacturing power and capabilities BD SENSORS built-up the very first space qualified automatic PCB assembly line in the Czech Republic located in Buchlovice.


The automatic assembly line is installed in cleanroom ISO class 8. The line consists of both complementary machine and additional hand soldering technology. For the additional hand soldering activities minimum of 4 new workplaces are included. In addition, there are workplaces for all activities which are necessary for completion of the Flight Units including mechanical integration, gluing, harness, crimping, electrical testing, etc.


The complete production line for ECSS-qualified electronics assembly covers the following process:

  • Parts preparation (cutting/bending, degolding, pretinning)
  • Pick&place including electrical check
  • Vacuum vapor phase soldering
  • Gluings
  • Manual solderings (SMT, THT)
  • Cabelings
  • Visual inspection
  • Logistics


Machine soldering is based on:

  • Vapour phase technology with vacuum unit ASSCON VP 800.
  • Solder paste will be applied through stencils on semi-automatic printer Fritch SD903
  • Semi-automatic pick and place machine Fritch SD902pro


Additional hand soldering workplaces are equipped:

  • JBC nitrogen soldering unit for complicated soldering activities
  • Various soldering tools for different soldering activities
  • Infrared preheating for soldering thermal mass areas on PCB
  • Set of hand tools for all manual activities (tweezers, stripping tools, pliers, etc.)



Assembly line consists of the following workplaces:

  • Place for PCB inspection
  • Place for glue mixing, degassing and application by dispenser
  • Ovens for PCB baking, glue curing, components demoisturization
  • Separated place for silicones application
  • Place for components degolding and pretinnig
  • Place for components and PCB cleaning